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Revision 40195

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Author: guy
Date: Wed Dec 14 02:55:26 2011 UTC (4 years, 6 months ago)
Log Message:
Refer to a PID of 0x0002 as the PID for the HP Teaming heartbeat

Point to an HP document o the protocol, and discuss the two ways to hook
up the dissector.

Don't bother checking the destination address - either the OUI/PID
suffices, or the MAC address is both necessary and, presumably,
sufficient and we need to introduce a heuristic dissector table for SNAP
frames.  What's more, there's no guarantee that the destination address
is a MAC address - it might be absent, e.g. because you're capturing on
the Linux "any" device and are getting the "Linux cooked" header, with
only a destination address.

Don't put the source address into the Info column - it's already in the
source column *if* it exists (which it might not, for packets captured
from the "any" device and sent by the machine doing the capturing).

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